Vegetation Maintenance


Mulching (grooming) is a form of pruning on a large scale.  Foliage from dense scrub, coastal wattle to small trees are converted to a ‘chip’ bi product.

WVE  provide a mulching service to our clients who are requiring any form of vegetation and foliage maintenance.  A ‘mulching head’ is attached to the excavator boom allowing for foliage maintenance to occur horizontally and at great heights, including pruning limbs from plantations and shelter-belts to fence lines and roadways.

Mulching services include:

  • Fence line clearing
  • Fire breaks
  • Preparation of tracks
  • Weed control
  • Roadsides
  • Pruning and tree maintenance
  • Clearing of overgrowth in waterways using  ‘Bog Mats’

Weed Control

WVE have undertaken extensive works in regards to mulching dense overgrowth, such as gorse bush, coastal wattle and numerous other invasive species. Further maintenance can be undertaken to eliminate this weed entirely such as applying appropriate chemicals. WVE has access to an Agronomist who can assist with identifying appropriate chemicals for weed elimination.


WVE undertake maintenance of all waterways. This is achieved by the mulching of unwanted vegetation, allowing access to the waterway for cleaning and maintenance. We also undertake mulching  and drain cleaning, in wet areas using ‘bog mats’ to allow our 22 ton excavator safe access. The outcome of clearing and maintaining various waterways ensures reduced fire risk and allows  local water authorities safe access to water points.

Pruning and Tree Maintenance

WVE have assisted numerous local Forestry Companies in maintaining their plantations. We can design detailed plans for the removal and mulching of trees from beneath power-lines. We provide highly trained high voltage spotters who ensure the safety of all involved. We have the ability to work around power lines and adhered to our stringent HSE procedure (which can be viewed in ‘HSE tab’). WVE can provide trained koalas spotters to assist with working around native wildlife.