Tree Removal

Tree Removal

WVE has the capabilities to partially or completely remove both small and large trees, including stumps and roots. Our ’tilt ripper’ enables us to remove the entire stump ball to allow for the complete clearing of land.

We strive to ensure infrastructures such as overhead and underground services, fences and buildings are retained by the use of our safety spotters and experienced operators.

We endeavor to protect the well-being of flora and fauna that we encounter, on a day to day basis.

Tree Disposal

WVE provide options for tree disposal, depending on client request:

  • Physically removing trees from the premises
  • Trees can be heaped and burnt
  • Mulched on-site
  • Stacked for personal use e.g firewood, mill logs

WVE take all necessary precautions to ensure burning of materials are undertaken in the right environmental conditions and appropriate fire fighting equipment is accessible. We attain a stand alone fire taker that ensures burning is conducted in the safest manner possible.

The use of our ‘stick rake’ to remove remaining materials, ensures that the land is reverted to a workable, tidy condition.